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As you get older, your metabolism begins to slow down, hormones fluctuate, and you may notice you’re gaining weight. Orlandis Wells, MD, offers effective, holistic treatment options to rebalance hormones at the Hormone Therapy Institute. Dr. Wells customizes hormone replacement therapies to replenish low hormone levels and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wells using the online booking feature or call the Henderson, Nevada, office today.

Weight Gain Q & A

How do hormones affect weight gain?

Weight gain can be the result of thyroid dysfunction which causes your body to produce too little or too much of hormones that control your metabolism. You may also gain weight unexpectedly due to environmental factors, such as excess stress or fatigue that makes it difficult for you to stay active.

Women are especially prone to gaining weight when they are nearing menopause - the time when periods stop for good. During perimenopause, your estrogen hormone levels begin to fluctuate, eventually decreasing in production.

Estrogen is responsible for regulating your metabolism and your overall body weight. When your estrogen levels decrease as you age, you may gain weight suddenly or find it hard to lose weight even with regular exercise and a good diet.

Weight is often most apparent on your thighs, hips, and abdomen. This excess fat can complicate your health and increase your risk for medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

What are the symptoms of low estrogen?

Low estrogen can cause a variety of symptoms, many that mimic other medical issues. These symptoms may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Dry skin
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Low sex drive
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Weight gain

To determine if these issues are hormone-related or due to an underlying medical condition, Dr. Wells runs a comprehensive blood test to evaluate your levels of estrogen and other hormones.

What can I expect during a hormone therapy weight-loss consultation?

After reviewing your medical history, current health, and results from hormone level testing, Dr. Wells determines if rebalancing your hormones will help you to better manage your weight.

Dr. Wells also discusses your lifestyle, including your occupation, relationships, diet and exercise habits, and other issues that may contribute to weight gain.

If hormone replacement therapy is right for you, Dr. Wells explains the types of hormones you need to replenish to boost your metabolism and make it easier to shed the pounds. He also encourages lifestyle changes, including adding more exercise into your life, eating fresh, whole foods, and reducing stress.

These changes in combination with hormone therapy can boost your natural metabolism and make maintaining a healthy weight possible.

To learn more about how hormones influence weight gain and the benefits of hormone replacement for weight loss, call the Hormone Therapy Institute or use the online booking feature.