Thyroid Gland Disorders

Thyroid gland disorders are some of the most common disorders to occur in a human body, but they are also often overlooked. The thyroid in itself is such a small part of the body that early diagnosis can be very tricky. Sixty percent of those affected are unaware of their ailments and at times only seeking diagnosis and treatment once unpleasant or unbearable effects are felt in the body. Women are also more likely to have thyroid problems than men are, especially after pregnancy or menopause.

The thyroid gland influences almost all functions in the body by producing hormones that are integrated in our bloodstream through its joint effort with the brain. Found at the base of the neck, this butterfly-shaped gland affects not only metabolism, but also digestion, fertility, aging, as well as the speed our heart is beating.

Amazing how such a diminutive portion of the body can have a massive effect on our health and it is equally as daunting to think of the effects should it malfunction at the tiniest bit.

Definitive causes of thyroid gland disorders are largely unclear, but the abnormal production of thyroid hormones is a simple narrative. Hyperthyroidism occurs when too much hormone is produced by the thyroid gland while Hypothyroidism is the insufficient production of the same.


Hyperthyroidism, or having an overactive thyroid, can come about in different forms, some of which are:

Excessive thyroid hormones can also lead to abnormal weight loss due to faster metabolism, increased frequency of bowel movements, and irregular heart rate.


Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, is the inadequate production of thyroid hormones. This is caused by factors such as:

Having too little supply of thyroid hormones may also cause unusual weight gain, constipation and in some cases even depression.

Too much or too little production of hormones by the thyroid gland can affect our bodies from simple weight losses or gains to severe illness like thyroid cancers. It is a small part of our bodies but the disorders it may develop can be huge pains if not treated correctly or ignored in general. It is important to keep ourselves healthy and in-check to avoid thyroid problems.


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