The Impact of Hormones on Weight

The Impact of Hormones on Weight

Our weight is a strong indicator of our overall health status. It’s not just a matter of how heavy or light we are, but how this number relates to everything else. For people with hormonal imbalance, achieving the ideal weight can be a bit of a problem.

Hormones are our body’s natural chemicals. Each hormone has a specific function and affects the body in various ways. Testosterone and estrogen, in particular, are sex hormones responsible for the development of our bodies based on our sex.

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, drastically impacts weight. Women who are having trouble losing weight or are experiencing weight gain may often find their estrogen levels problematic. To diagnose the problem, physicians look into other symptoms associated with hormonal issues. However hopeless this all sounds, there is still a fix.

Hormone Therapy Institute is focused on providing bioidentical hormone therapy in Nevada. It is a new approach to hormone replacement. Our clients rely on us to provide a unique treatment plan that fits their needs. We often combine methods in achieving great results because we believe every patient is unique. Learning about their symptoms is just as important as anything else.

Don’t let the hormones get you down. Contact us to get specialized hormone therapy in Henderson, Nevada.

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