Symptoms You Experience During a Hot Flash


A sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body can get intense over the face, neck, and chest. While similar in appearance to a “blush”, Hot Flashes can be caused by different medical conditions including Hormonal Imbalance through menopause.

Because a hot flash can display as a common body response, it is important to understand the symptoms experienced by the patient to provide necessary medical attention when needed. A hot flash can be bothersome and if it is not correctly identified, any treatment will not work.

Aside from the sudden warm feeling spreading through the chest, neck, and face, the patient can experience other symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat. This accelerated beating of the heart may be a response of an agitated individual but in a hot flash, external triggers are not necessary.

A flush appearance of red and blotchy skin cooped with perspiration in the upper body can be an episode of a hot flash. The patient can feel chilly as the hot flash flares up.

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